ZAPPdesign’s main offering is its unique style, exulting beauty, simplicity, sensuality and proportion.

More than just a physical product, ZAPPdesign offers a differentiation of style, either through its visual appearance, well-proportioned properties and understated sophistication or by its non-visible attributes such as touch, comfort and the feeling of being timeless, almost familiar or nostalgic despite being essentially modern and new.

This principle extends also to its design consultancy and customer care service offerings and to each aspects of the ZAPPdesign brand’s experience.

ZAPPdesign believes that customers values beauty over provocation, material purity over ostentatious embellishments, quality over pricing, originality over copies, craftsmanship over computer generated or fully-machine made, timeless and durable pieces that will become more valuable as it ages over fashionable trends that will turn into disposable items in the near future.


    ZdCONTRACT offers discerning buyers access to their Indoor, Outdoor, and Natural Fiber Collections and custom designed furniture to brief....

    ZdSTUDIO collaborates with Architects & Interior Designers to integrate the unique ZAPPdesign style into full multi-dimensional architectural and interior concepts....