ZAPPdesign is a luxury furniture brand, showcasing exclusive, clean, contemporary designs.

The company was established in 2000 with the objective to develop and market the exquisite design vision of its founder Brazilian born and Bali resident designer, Reynaldo Zapp.

Reynaldo Zapp’s personal design beliefs blend and flow from modern, well-proportioned, functional and streamlined elements, using minimal decorative accents and combining them with tropical Brazilian flavours and eastern cultural references, with its principles of harmony, simplicity and spiritual values.

Rather than following the latest trends, Reynaldo Zapp seeks to create a true interaction between spaces, materials, textures, shapes, weights, balances, values, symbols, colors, proportions, contrasts, energies, usages and the observer.

ZAPPdesign products are conceived to be timeless and are built to last for generations to come.

With a genuine concern for the environment, the company only uses timber from reliable plantations and FSC certified sources.


In the early years the focus was very much on developing modern designs made out of reclaimed teakwood salvaged from old demolished buildings. The use of recycled materials continues today as does using skilled traditional craftsmanship, core to achieving the high quality that’s associated with ZAPPdesign integrity.

This long term commitment to handmade local craftsmanship has allowed the company to begin to influence local markets towards a more design orientated strategy, one of the key visions of Zapp.

From small begins in Bali, ZAPPdesign has grown to include ZDStudio, ZDContract and the growing ZDPartnership, and now has contracts and distribution around the globe.