ZAPPdesign aspires to achieve a new concept of luxury and living by:

Proposing a living style based on simplicity, freedom, and an appreciation for what is exclusive, refined and original | Offering a simple yet sophisticated, modern and diversified line of products, materials and styles | Cultivating a personal identity rather than following fashion trends | Staying away from ostentatious products | Adopting a more socially and environmentally responsible approach

ZAPPdesign wants to encourage a lifestyle for the future. One that is a fusion of western and eastern philosophies and based on respect for others, for nature, for spiritual values and ethical conduct.

One that transcends mass consumption and moves away from short-lived disposable lifestyles, and provides an approach that gains a reputation for superior products in the international market.


Design integrity is core to the ethics of the brand, which at ZAPPdesign means a commitment to ecologically responsive design and setting an example for social and environmental responsibility.

Ecologically Responsive Design

ZAPPdesign believe that committing to ecologically responsive design, by respecting the natural form and quality of craftsmanship, they provide a timeless approach to the design of pieces, reducing waste and a short-lived, commodity approach to living.

They see it as one of their key responsibilities to choose sustainable resources in the design of their products, particularly being located in the rainforest rich country of Indonesia. The wood they use is currently sourced from suppliers with the Austrian ecology mark, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, and they are also investigating sourcing wood that’s FSC certified.

They offer a Natural Fibre Collection which is made from rattan and plan to expand their natural range in the future to include using more reclaimed timber.

Social Responsibility

ZAPPdesign embraces the Japanese philosophy of striving for constant improvement; a status that is achieved through employee empowerment and quality thinking. They encourage a ‘learning by doing’ strategy and support all staff members to embrace this.

ZAPPdesign strive for a relationship with clients that’s one of respect and trust. They aim to deliver an efficient, professional and responsive service, to meet the essential requirements of project’s and to exceed client expectations.


The ZAPPdesign style is very simply:

Simplicity | Balance | Beauty | Sophistication | Elegant | Refined | Substance | Spiritual | Sensual | Harmony | Freedom | Proportion | Distinctive | Artistic | Handcrafted | Exclusive | Comfortable | Desirable

Distinctively Modern | Contemporary | Green | Neo-luxury | International